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PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption Whitepaper

PCI Validated Point-to-Point Encryption (VP2PE) is a critical technology used to protect credit card data from being breached. While P2PE has been around for many years, including at Sphere, only VP2PE technologies such as TC Safe® have been tested to rigorous standards and should be trusted to reduce risk and PCI DSS scope when accepting card-present transactions.  

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In this whitepaper, we explore VP2PE in detail, including how VP2PE works within several environments and with other technologies, and how the TC Safe® solution may be used to reduce both risk and scope at retail environments and call centers. We present a challenging use case (healthcare) and demonstrate how VP2PE provides an exceptional solution to PCI DSS and credit card security issues within that environment.

  • Learn the benefits of a VP2PE solution
  • See why VP2PE reduces PCI scope
  • Reduce the risk of a breach