How to Accommodate Patient Payment Preferences Through Convenience and Transparency

Patient Payments: How Providers Can Improve the Last Mile of the Care Journey 

Patients want greater choice and exceptional experiences when it comes to payments and providers are eager to improve on their existing offerings. According to a recent study by Sphere and CWH Advisors, around 75% of providers consider improving patient payment collections a top priority.

The Whitepaper explores the results of the study and provides practical ways to apply its insights, including digital wallets, text-to-pay and card on file solutions. 

Sphere_Patient-Payments_ThumbnailBy downloading our whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Exclusive learnings and implications from the recent Patient Pay Study
  • What types of solutions providers are prioritizing to make payments easier for patients and ultimately improving collection yield and speed
  • Tips for how to apply the research to your strategy and approach

Download the Whitepaper