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Can Better Patient Engagement Improve Collections?

Patients have been shouldering more and more financial responsibility for their own medical bills. Most patients who avoid paying bills don’t do so because they can’t pay; instead, they avoid paying because don’t understand what they owe and why they owe it. 

Many providers are discovering that patient engagement represents the differentiator that is critical to building trust and loyalty, staying competitive, retaining patients, and enhancing collection rates. What’s less clear is where to find new methods to engage patients in the payment process to drive better financial results. 

Learn how your practice can improve collections through better patient engagement by employing strategies such as increasing price transparency, offering omnichannel payment options personalized to individual patient preferences, and suggesting pre-appointment check-in to ensure you send the right payment-related message to each patient at the right time. 

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Just 52% of consumers fully understood their financial responsibility based on their most recent medical bill*

Our Experts Discuss:

increase_revenueValue-Based Care 

Transitioning to value-based care helps your patients see the value provided by you and your staff, increasing the likelihood of on-time payments.

omnichannelThe Power of Choice

Learn how giving your patients multiple payment options and the freedom to choose can increase engagements and on-time payments.

onboardingSimplicity & Transparency

The complexity of insurance coverage only continues to grow. Learn how to help patients understand upfront what they owe and what is covered.

*TransUnion: “COVID-19 and Economic Impacts from Pandemic Driving Increased Focus on Healthcare Consumerism,” October 21, 2020. https://newsroom.transunion.com/covid-19-and-economic-impacts-from-pandemic-driving-increased-focus-on-healthcare-consumerism/

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are Better-Paying Patients" Ebook

In Sphere’s new eBook, “5 Reasons Engaged Patients are Better-Paying Patients,” our experts discuss:
  • Transitioning to value-based care: Help patients see the value of your service.
  • The power of choice: Give patients an unprecedented amount of payment options.
  • Simplicity & transparency: Insurance coverage can be tricky. Help patients understand upfront what is covered and what they owe.