How Providers Can Optimize Patient Payments in the COVID-19 Era

Is your practice prepared to make the right long-term changes to cater to new consumer expectations that have arisen as a result of the pandemic? For providers, an important part of meeting consumer preferences means providing a payment process that is simple, secure, and convenient.

In Sphere’s new eBook, “Optimizing Patient Payments in the COVID-19 Era,” our experts discuss factors contributing to changing consumer expectations of providers, three key questions providers should ask to determine whether they have implemented the right COVID-19 adjustments, and why providers must prioritize flexibility, convenience, security, mobility, and ease-of-use while also meeting stricter guidelines around patient privacy and data security.

Learn how to fulfill the expectations of today’s healthcare consumer by offering touchless, 100% mobile patient check-in, intake, and payment experiences; integrating payments with practice management and electronic health records systems; providing personalized estimates of co-pays and charges based on patient insurance coverage prior to the visit; and automating messages for appointment reminders, bills, and electronic statements.  

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Consumer preferences and behavior are likely to “guide the reemergence” of the healthcare industry.*

Our Experts Discuss:

omnichannelPandemic Driven Changes

COVID-19 brought mobile or phone call check-ins. As vaccinations ramp up, discover what changes customers want to stay permanent post-pandemic.

increase_revenueNew Consumer Demands

As providers prepare for new consumer demands in the COVID-19 era, learn the key questions you need to ask for your business' future post-pandemic.

onboardingDigital Transformations Prep

While it’s too early to determine what COVID-19 policies are temporary or permanent, consumer demand for convenient digital solutions will persist.

*Deloitte: “COVID-19 recovery for the health care ecosystem: Gearing up for the next normal.”

Download the "Optimizing Patient
Payments in the COVID-19 Era" Ebook

In Sphere’s new eBook, “Optimizing Patient Payments in the COVID-19 Era,” our experts discuss:
  • Pandemic driven changes: Discover what changes customers want to stay permanent.
  • New consumer demands: learn the key questions you need to ask for your business' future.
  • Digital Transformation Preparedness: Consumer demand for convenient digital solutions, like telehealth and mobile check-in, will persist.