Seemless Payment Experiences
TrustCommerce & GE Centricity 

Accept Payments Via Multiple Channels

Through our comprehensive integration, organizations can process payments securely.

GE Centricity Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions integrate with the TrustCommerce payment platform for the secure processing of credit cards and electronic checks from a variety of channels (front office, back office, online). Together, these solutions can aid healthcare organizations in achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance.

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Achieve the Greatest Reduction in PCI Scope

In Person — PCI Validated P2PE
Centricity Business Credit Card Core v3.0 supports TC IPA™ – Integrated Payment Application, giving clients greater benefits including EMV support, Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE), and reduced PCI DSS scope.

The GE Centricity Patient Online integration with TC Trustee Premier allows healthcare providers to process patient credit card payments securely, in a PCI compliant manner.

Partners for More Than 10 Years, We Work Closely with the GE Centricity Team to Innovate and Advance Our Integration

Exclusive Features and Benefits:
  • Single platform for all payments
  • Integrated with GE Centricity Business Credit Card Core and Patient Online.
  • Support for payments outside of GE integration.
  • Offers EMV and PCI Validated Point to Point Encryption (P2PE).
  • Supports tokenization for the secure storage of cardholder data.
  • Bank neutral
What Will I Need to Get Started?
  • Sign up for a TrustCommerce account
  • GE Centricity Business Credit Card Core and/or Patient Online

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